How to Use Soy Wax in Cold Process Soap

how to use soy wax in cold process soap


Source :  Soap Making Forum

You can make great soap with it. No, you don’t use it in place of beeswax in soap… beeswax and soy wax have different qualities. Here’s what I have found about soy wax in soap (from my own experience):

1. Soy wax greatly reduces shrinkage/warping in soap bars.

2. Soy wax does not add lather, so you should not use more than say 50% of it in your soap. The more soy wax you use, the more of a good lathering oil you need to use in addition to it.

3. It adds density and creaminess to the lather, which is a plus in soaps that are heavy on the coconut or PKO oil.

4. It makes a great co-partner with olive oil. They complement each other well in the recipes. Use 25% or more olive and 25% soy wax. Add some coconut or PKO as well, and about 10% castor.. you’ll get a killer soap.

5. It is non-drying in soap, and non-irritating.

6. It takes color EXTREMELY well, and helps anchor scent extremely well.

7. It can be “plugged in” to the regular “soybean oil” slot in the lye calculators as it has the exact same SAP value as soybean oil.