Recipe for a Body Butter

make your own super simple whipped shea butter body cream

Pamper Your Skin with an African Treasure

Candle Deli’s organic shea butter comes from the African Shea Tree which grows in the West African savannah region.  Shea trees grow wild and produce small, almond-like fruit.   The seeds, which contain butter, are mechanically pressed.  Purification and refining are then carried out by traditional methods without the use of chemicals or solvents.

Shea butter, just like African black soap and diamonds, is a globally sought after treasure from our rich continent.  Shea butter is widely used in skin products.  The high level of fatty acids help to moisturise the skin and retain the skin’s elasticity.

Visit the wonderful and inspiring Humblebee and Me website for easy DIY cosmetics recipes.  We love this website and hope you will too.

Whipped Shea Butter – 100g batch

55g shea butter

14g corn starch (Maizena)

30g sunflower seed oil

0.5g Vitamen E oil

0.5g Raspberry fragrance oil

Optional:  add a pinch of cranberry mica for colour.


Weigh the shea butter into a small whipping bowl.  Use an electric mixer with one beater and whip the shea butter until smooth.

Now add the Maizena, sunflower oil and vitamen E.  Continue beating until light and smooth, with a noticeably paler colour.  Scoop into a 50ml jar and set aside until needed.

Use only a small amount on your skin as this mixture is quite rich.  Preferably use within the first 12 months of manufacture.



The above recipe is reposted with thanks to Marie at Humblebeeandme.