Are Paraffin Wax Candles Toxic?

Is it true?  Are paraffin wax candles toxic?  In a nutshell, no.  Paraffin wax candles [...]

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Recipe for a Body Butter

Pamper Your Skin with an African Treasure Candle Deli’s organic shea butter comes from the [...]

How to Use Soy Wax in Cold Process Soap

NOTES ON SOY WAX IN COLD PROCESS SOAP Source :  Soap Making Forum You [...]

How to Prevent Container Candles from Tunneling

It’s All About the Wick Container candles look better when they burn down evenly.  Sometimes [...]

Is Soy Wax Organic?

When is Something “Organic”? Most of us are concerned, or at least aware, of our [...]

Make a Soy Candle in 5 Easy Steps

Make Your Own Vegan, Hand Poured Soy Candles 5 Fun Steps Step 1 :  Choose [...]

What Makes For a Quality Fragrance Oil?

How can you tell if a fragrance oil is worth buying? This question could also [...]

How to Fragrance Paraffin Wax

Which Fragrances Work Best? Use Candle Deli’s wax compatible fragrances for best results.  These fragrance [...]

What Makes Beeswax Special ?

Natural beeswax has a dark yellow to brown colour, depending on what the bees had [...]

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