Candle Making Kit

Quick and easy candle making for beginners.  Get FREE shipping anywhere in SA with coupon code iw3f2023.  Two reuseable containers, makes 20 small candles.

R405.00 inc VAT

candle making kit contents
Candle Making Kit

R405.00 inc VAT

Make your own fragranced candles with our DIY Candle Making Kit.  Makes 10 small container candles.


  • 1kg IW3F wax
  • wicks
  • wick tool
  • dye flakes
  • fragrance oil
  • 2 small reusable containers
  • instruction card
  • warning labels

Get FREE Shipping Anywhere in SA

Use coupon code iw3f2023

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 24 cm