Cosmetic Preservative 50ml

Excellent paraben-free preservative for lotions, scrubs and other cosmetic products.

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Euxyl PE 9010 is a paraben free liquid cosmetic preservative for lotions and other cosmetic emulsions.  This preservative is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeasts and mould fungi.

Do I Really Need a Preservative?

Most cosmetic products are emulsions, i.e. they contain water.  Bacteria, mould and yeast loves water!  Therefore, if your product contains water you must use a preservative.   Please Note:  Vitamin E is not a preservative!  Neither are essential oils.

Which Products Don’t Need Preservatives?

Products which contain only oils and butters, e.g. balms, body butters or serums, do not need a preservative as they have 0 water content.

How to Use

  • Use 0.5 – 1% in emulsions.
  • Use 0.5% – 1% in solutions.

Euxyl can tolerate high salt content but a high load of surfactants will make it less effective.

General Production Advice

Disinfect the entire workspace and all equipment with isopropyl alcohol in order to reduce the risk of microbial contamination.  Wear latex gloves and a hairnet during production.

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