Paraffin Wax – Fully Refined

Still the best wax for making dripless moulded candles!  DO NOT USE in silicone candle moulds.  Optionally add white colour and/or stearic acid.

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paraffin wax - fully refined
Paraffin Wax – Fully Refined

Still the Best Wax for Dripless Pillar Candles

Use fully refined paraffin wax in Candle Deli’s acrylic candle moulds.   Optionally add stearic acid and/or white colour for paraffin wax.  Fully refined paraffin wax has a translucent colour  and the congealing point is 58/60 °C.

How to Use Fully Refined Paraffin Wax

This wax creates a marbled effect in candles.  Add 0.25% white colour for paraffin wax if you prefer to remove the marbling. Add 10% stearic acid to this wax to increase burning time.

Melt paraffin wax on an electric stove over water, i.e. in a double boiler.  Place your wax pot in a pan filled with water if you don’t have a double boiler.  DO NOT melt paraffin wax over an open flame, e.g. a fire or a gas stove.   DO NOT melt paraffin wax in a microwave.

Pour paraffin wax candles between 75°C – 85°C for a smooth, glossy finish.  Use a thermometer to ensure that the melted wax has reached the desired temperature.

Candle Deli’s LX wick range is the best choice for moulded paraffin wax candles.

Choose from our range of top quality fragrance oils.  Colour paraffin wax with any of our candle dye flakes.

Safety First

DO NOT melt paraffin wax over an open flame, e.g. a fire or a gas stove.   DO NOT melt paraffin wax in a microwave.  Instead, melt paraffin wax in a double boiler on an electric stove.


Fully refined paraffin wax is not the best choice for silicone candle moulds.  Use IW3F wax instead.

Candle making involves a lot of testing.  Test the effect of a variety of pouring temperatures on the appearance of your candles.

Burning Questions

Is it true that paraffin wax candles are harmful?  There is no scientific evidence whatsoever.

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