Prewaxed 45-ply Wick

Use these wicks in containers with an approximate diameter of 60 -70 mm.  Please do your own tests!  Each wick is 150 mm long.

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45-ply eco wick
Prewaxed 45-ply Wick

Wicks for Smaller Containers

The 45 ply wicks are prewaxed and tabbled.  Each wick is 15 cm long.

How to Use

Use glue dots to fix the wick to container bottom.  Test these wicks in 60 – 70 mm diameter containers.  It is important to do your own tests.


If the flame is very big it is a sign that the wick is too big for the container.

If your candle tunnels it is a sign that the wick might be too small.  There are other reasons for tunneling.

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