Raspberry Fragrance Oil

A good choice for soy candles and body products.

How to Use

Use in soy wax, wax melts, glycerine soap and other cosmetic products.

Tips & Tricks

Dosage rates

2 – 7% in candles and wax melts

0,5% in massage candles and other cosmetics

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raspberry fragrance oil
Raspberry Fragrance Oil

Discover a Sublime Soy Scent

Candle Deli’s Raspberry fragrance oil is a love match with soy wax.  This is definitely a “swipe right”!  The tart sweetness of this fragrance oil marries perfectly with the nutty, milky smell of soy wax.  Use this fragrance in soy wax, body scrubs, body butters and glycerine soap.

How to Use

Melt the soy wax and remove from the heat source (microwave or preferably electric stove).  Add between 3 – 6% fragrance oil and stir until completely incorporated.  Keep stirring gently until the soy wax has cooled down sufficiently to reach pouring temperature.


3 – 6% in soy wax

2% in glycerine soap

0,5% in massage candles and other cosmetics

Discover our recipe for a body butter.

Storage and Safety

Store in a tightly closed container in a cool, dark place at an ambient temperature of approx 20°C.  Keep away from direct sunlight, heat, flames and any other sources of ignition.


Use Candle Deli’s digital spoon scale to measure small amounts.  The spoon scale is ideal for measuring fragrance and converting ml’s to g’s.

Leave your soy candles for at least 2 weeks before evaluating the fragrance oil.  Fragrance oils are living compounds which continue to evolve and change in soy wax.  Over time you may notice an increasingly complex aroma.

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