Soy Wax

Use our 100% pure, vegan soy wax in container candles, wax melts and massage candles. Get FREE shipping anywhere on in SA on 5kg soy wax with coupon code soy2023.

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soy wax
Soy Wax

Professional Pure Soy Wax for Scented Container Candles

Candle Deli’s 100% pure soy wax is soft and creamy, with a melting point of 50°C.  Our soy wax is vegan, plant-based and contains no allergens.  Candle Deli’s soy wax is manufactured to our specifications:  it is safe for cosmetic use.  This means that our professional soy wax is safe to use in massage candles and cold process soap.

How to Use

Candle Deli’s soy wax is formulated specifically for scented container candles, meaning it holds fragrance well.

Melt on an electric stove over low heat.  It is safe to melt this wax in a microwave but we don’t recommend it.  Optionally add stearic acid and/or soy additive if you are using this.  Please do your own tests!

Remove the melted soy wax from the heat and stir gently until the soy wax has cooled to 65°C.  Add a fragrance oil of your choice.  Stir until well blended.  Keep stirring until the soy wax has cooled to at least 60°C.

Which Wicks?

Use the VRL wick range. Remember to match the size of the wick to the diameter of the candle container.

Storage and safety

Store in a closed container at an ambient temperature of no more than 25°C.  Keep away from heat, open flames and other sources of ignition.

The Burning Question

Are soy wax less harmful than paraffin wax candles?  Read our blog post and find out.

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