Stearic Acid

Add 10% stearic acid to paraffin wax and IW3F wax to maximise burning time.

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stearic acid
Stearic Acid

An Optional Additive for Paraffin Wax, IW3F and Soy Wax

Candle Deli’s triple pressed stearic acid is cosmetic grade.  This means that is suitable for use in cold process soap and soy massage candles.

How to Use Stearic Acid

Melt the wax of your choice.  Add 100g stearic acid to 1kg paraffin wax or IW3F wax.  Stir until fully dissolved and melted.  Adding stearic acid to your wax will make your candles burn longer.  Adding stearic acid to your wax blend will aid mould release.  Optionally add 5 – 10% to soy wax for a better surface finish.


Stearic acid will lessen the marbling in paraffin wax.  If you are making marbled or crackle candles it is best to use 100% paraffin wax with no stearic acid at all.

Stearic acid affects dye colour.  Dye colours will be muted in wax blends which contain 10% or more stearic acid.


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