Black Candle Pigment 20g

Highly concentrated pigment flakes.  Use sparingly!   Use IW3F wax if you’d like to make greys and silvers.

R150.00 inc VAT

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black pigment in IW3F wax
Black Candle Pigment 20g

R150.00 inc VAT

How to Use

A pigment is not a dye.  Pigments tend to clog the candle wick.  Use black candle pigment for overdipping.

Tips & Tricks

We recommend using black dye to get a base colour.  Add a small amount of black pigment to achieve a true black.    Use a thicker wick than you normally would in these candles.

It is important to do your own tests.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 cm

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