Black Oil-Soluble Dye Powder

Black oil-soluble dye powder for bronze casters. Use in paraffin wax and micro-crystalline wax.

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Black oil-soluble dye powder
Black Oil-Soluble Dye Powder

Black Dye for Bronze Casters

The oil-soluble black dye will dissolve completely in paraffin wax and microwax.

How to Use

Add to melted paraffin wax and/or microwax and stir until completely dissolved.


The dye particles tend to clump together.  Sometimes the best way to obtain a uniform colour is to cool the dyed wax and then remelt a second time.  Alternatively, disperse the dye powder in a small amount of wax and stir well before adding to the bulk of the wax.

Do not use this dye in soy wax or IW3F wax.

Add a few flakes of black pigment to achieve a true black.






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