Persian Rose Fragrance Oil

Oriental floral fragrance with a heart of rose.

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persian rose fragrance oil
Persian Rose Fragrance Oil

Transport Yourself to the Hanging Gardens of Persia

Dosage rates

3 – 6% in candles and wax melts = 1 or 2 tablespoons per 1kg wax

0,5% in massage candles and other cosmetics

How to Use

Melt the wax and remove from the heat source (preferably an electric stove).  Add between 3 – 6% fragrance oil and stir gently until completely incorporated.  Keep stirring gently until the wax has reaches pouring temperature.

Storage and Safety

Store in a tightly closed container in a cool, dark place at an ambient temperature of approx 20°C.  Keep away from direct sunlight, heat, flames and any other sources of ignition.


Use our digital spoon scale to convert small amounts from volume to mass and vice versa.  This is a handy tool for measuring fragrance oils, dye flakes etc.

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Pack Size

500ml, 50ml, 5kg

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