Mica 10g

Cosmetic grade shimmer for beautiful soaps and body butters.

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green mica 10g
Mica 10g

How to Use

All our micas are cosmetic grade.  Please note:  we do not sell technical grade micas. Cosmetic grade micas are a cosmetic raw material for melt & pour soap, cold process soap, bath and shower gels, eye makeup and DIY body lotions and creams.

  • Disperse the mica powder in oil or isopropyl alcohol before using in cold process soap.
  • Add it to the oil phase if using in a lotion.

Is mica the same as glitter?

No!  Cosmetic glitter is a microplastic (polyethylene mainly) and extremely unfriendly toward the environment. Because glitter is so small it easily ends up in the earth, in water systems and finally in the ocean.  By eating fish, the glitter comes back to haunt us by ending in our stomachs.

Are micas environmentally friendly?

Micas are silica-based, i.e. they are made of a natural substance which is biodegradable.  This makes micas the responsible choice for anyone who is concerned about the environment.


Generally the impact of micas is more subtle than that of glitter. In body lotion one sees the effect once the lotion is applied to the skin and not in the lotion itself. In a shower or body gel you will see the sparkle or shimmer of the mica in the bottle as well as on the skin.


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