Emulsifying Wax

The easiest emulsifier to use if you want a consistently good lotion.

R235.00 inc VAT

emulsifying wax
Emulsifying Wax

R235.00 inc VAT

Emusifying Wax for Lotions and Creams

Polawax Emusifying Wax is vegetable-derived and is a so-called “complete emulsifying wax”, meaning you don’t need to add a secondary product to ensure emulsification.  It is suitable for both skin and hair care products, and will produce emulsions with excellent texture and stability.

Use in These Products

  • moisturising creams and lotions
  • aftersun products
  • night creams
  • deodorants
  • hair conditioners

Functional benefits

  • mild, oil-in-water self-bodying emulsifier
  • liquid crystal formation promotes ‘time-release’ hydration
  • emulsions represent stable vehicles for most actives over a wide pH range
  • excellent ambient and high temperature stability
  • emulsions show good long-term storage stability
  • electrolyte tolerant
  • no neutralisation required
Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 4 cm
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